vr 18 okt
Twen (US) + Labasheeda
  • DIY rock

**Twen **
Twen is a van-lifeing rock band that emerged onto the east coast music scene in 2017 with their distinct blend of shoegaze, indie rock, and post-punk influences. Though the band was formed in 2016 by lead vocalist Jane Fitzimmons and guitarist Ian Rollins Jones, their emergence post-pandemic has marked the beginning of what is essentially an entirely new project; save for their keeping the name β€œTwen”.

This latest chapter is marked by the band booking their own tours, designing and screen printing their own merch, directing and editing their own music videos, and producing and mixing their own albums; all to a degree which would seem impossible to believe, if you didn’t know that they also built their own mobile-home from scratch and have been living in it, traversing the North American continent since 2020.

The duo-led 5 piece are readying their 3rd LP to be released in 2024, but have already debuted lead single β€˜SeaStar’; an early 00’s throwback to Southern California beach anthems that finds the band further evolving from the coy, shoegaze aesthetics of β€˜Awestruck’ (2019) – to a modern classicism; characterized on their 2nd LP β€˜One Stop Shop’ (2022) by political (yet hopeful) lyrics, indelible hooks and a home-grown sonic mix that rewards the listener with each subsequent spin.

With over 350 shows under their belt across North America and Europe, including arena appearances supporting Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Wet Leg, Whitney, Tacocat, & White Reaper, Twen’s live show exhibits their all-around relevance as a DIY rock band thriving in the digital age.

FFO: The Smiths, Cocteau Twins, Stone Roses

Labasheeda is an idiosyncratic rocktrio from Amsterdam. Tying together two decades of adventurous, sound-evolving albums and changing lineups, Labasheeda’s music has a penchant for concise, stripped down melodies, and quick switches from spacious bass lines and drums to heavy, chaotic, and sometimes anthemic guitar driven songs. The unorthodox use of violin, the often deviating time signatures and Saskia van der Giessen’s distinctive voice give the band its unique sound.

In November 2023 Labasheeda released its sixth full-length album Blueprints, which has been has been described as an innovative post-punk masterpiece by the international press.

β€œIt’s just at the point where rock and roll tips over into noise, where melody turns into sonic soundscaping and where song structure becomes untethered and unruly, that you find Labasheeda” (The Big Take Over magazine)


Zaal open: 20:00
Aanvang: 20:30
Einde: 23:30

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