vr 17 mei
Gabber Resistance: The Humanoid Foundation
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Gabber Resistance is back! Are you ready? This time the humanoids have taken over. The Humanoid Foundation is what we shall overcome…

Once again, Gabber Resistance will take you back to the golden era. With purely the original style of hardcore. Our dedicated artists will show their skills on the decks in this vinyl-only event. We will deliver hardcore the way it was delivered in the 90s, with turntables!

This time we are bringing a Waxweazle Records legend. DJ Berry!!! (Alias) was also a member of the infamous Waxweazle DJ Team with DJ Waxweazle, Noizer and MC Drokz. Recharge released many EP's on both Waxweazle Records and Bad Vibes Records. This time he is back to vinyl and to spinning the original hardcore sound!!!

As always, recording or taking pictures will NOT be allowed. Back in the 90s, mobile phones with cameras didn't exist. People were more connected with the music at parties. That is why at Gabber Resistance, we would like to recreate that vibe. We kindly ask everyone to obey this rule in order to contribute to the unique '90s vibe. STOP FILMING, START DANCING!

In regards to the photo/video policy, it is also not allowed to use any other form of photography. This includes polaroids and analog cameras. Even though, initially we allowed this, every event we do more and more people come with these types of cameras and it is getting a bit too much. You can use them in the smoking area as well as phones.

Make sure to grab your ticket as soon as possible as last time the event was sold out quite fast. If this happens, there will be no door sale. The event will be from 23:55-06:00


Zaal open: 23:59
Aanvang: 23:59
Einde: 06:00



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