za 22 okt
Vektor (USA) + Cryptosis + Comaniac (CH) + Algebra (CH)
  • technical thrash

Vektor became popular in the Phoenix metal scene, with a musical style that mixes progressive metal and technical thrash metal, with high pitched screaming vocals.

Their first full-length album, Black Future, was released on November 17, 2009, on Heavy Artillery Records. The band released its second album, Outer Isolation, on November 22, 2011, again on the Heavy Artillery and in 2012 they signed with Earache Records.

After the band's relocation to Philadelphia and several years of touring, their third album, Terminal Redux, a conceptual work with a runtime of over 70 minutes, was released on May 6, 2016, but in December of the same year VEKTOR was put into hiatus.

In 2020, four year after the highly regarded Terminal Redux, the two original guitar players, David DiSanto and Erik Nelson, have decided to reform VEKTOR. With new talent from Mike Ohlson on drums and Stephen Coon on bass, VEKTOR is back as strong as ever. VEKTOR are currently in the studio working on new material and preparing for multiple tours in 2022.


Evolution is essential to survival. In the ever-changing world of heavy music, that’s an undeniable reality. As the march of time gathers speed and threatens to crush us all under its heels, it’s time to make way for the futuristic multi-metal eruption of CRYPTOSIS. Formerly known throughout the European metal underground as old school thrash mob Distillator, The band have undergone a transformation and upgrade, resulting in a brand new band with a sound that is guaranteed to blow minds and wreck necks.

β€œWe took the name Cryptosis because it’s two words put together – on one side it’s β€˜crypto’, like technology, crypto-currency and the digital world,” Laurens explains. β€œOn the other side it’s β€˜osis’ which comes from hypnosis, so the combination means the hypnosis of technology. People can’t live without technology and they’re hooked, and it will only get worse in the future, with technology being in total control. You’re hypnotised by the technology around you, and that’s Cryptosis.” β€œThe sound is a mix of everything that we personally love,” Frank explains. β€œEverything from Rush to Dimmu Borgir. It’s progressive, symphonic, it’s death, thrash, old school and modern, with some black influences in there too. Everyone puts their individual stamp on this new band. It’s a mixture of everything we love!”


After being crowned as Β«THE Thrash-highlight 2015Β» with their debut album Β«Return To The WastelandΒ», it was their second offering Β«Instruction For DestructionΒ» which sent them around the globe from 2017 until 2019 with several outstanding tours and direct support slots in Europe and Japan with bands like METAL CHURCH, OVERKILL, DEATH ANGEL, DR. LIVING DEAD, VOIVOD, METALUCIFER, ENTOMBED AD, and more.

While the band name COMANIAC is put together from the two words Β«companyΒ» and Β«maniacΒ», the latest album Β«HolodoxΒ» is deviated from the prefix Β«holoΒ» (greek: holos, whole) and the suffix Β«doxΒ» (greek: dox, opinion). Β«HolodoxΒ» stands for a person's final belief, an idea to answer all questions, a rise from personal struggle onto a meta-level.

This album produced by Tommy Vetterli (CORONER) takes you on a journey through different states in life dealing with fear, loss and the hopeless path towards perfection and brings a unique sound into a genre, which has suffered from musical monotony and sterile productions for many years.


Since 2008 Algebra has been creating thrash metal, taking inspiration from the old school pioneers, whilst also incorporating modern stylistic elements from death, prog and groove. Their latest release β€œPulse?” (2019) explores the feeling of disconnect from today's world, and the dystopian direction we are heading in. Currently gearing up for their fourth LP, Algebra will be entering the studio in 2022 for their fastest and heaviest release yet


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