vr 21 jun
unity dance #4 met: Kingstep Soundsystem 6 scoop (BE) + Dubhoven + Sister Marlou
  • Dub
  • reggae


Kingstep (BE)
The Belgium based Kingstep Soundsystem, the Beljam lions, have been running roots reggae dubs since 2008.
Wether playing a DJ-set or playing on soundsystem, Kingstep is rocking dances and festivals around Belgium, Europe and even in The Gambia, where it all started.
In the studio they have worked with Admiral Tibett, Jahmali, Courtney Melody, Prince Allah and many more international artists and producers.
Their recordshop provides many soundsystems and reggae-enthousiasts around the world with the latest releases and collector items.
We would like to thank all those who supported Kingstep Soundsystem thru the years… Big up & Blesseth!!

Dubhoven is an Eindhoven based collective promoting & playing Reggae and Dub music!
Hosting their own sessions @HAVEN EINDHOVDEN bringing Soundsystem Culture to the frontline.
Also known for their regular Rararadio sessions every second Tuesday of the month with plenty guests over the years!
Defending the Truths & Rights musically you can expect uplifting sounds from different era and styles presented Raw and Undiluted!

Sister Marlou(NL)
Sister Marlou from Arnhem Netherlands started playing instruments from a very young age like : tin whistle, guitar, clarinet and later on also melodica.
In 2015 i learned about and got in contact with reggae and dub music and it was an instant love.
In 2015 a 7" with Paul Fox called Truly Unique was the first.
Afther that i played on dour festival in combination with Afrikan Simba and Murray Man and i visited other dubsessions.
Also a 12" with murray man - Mellow vibes is in the recordshops.
Unity is a message i want to share.
This event is a little bit of a earthday celebration.. Selecta Red turned 48 a day before on june 20th...
Love up..

See you all there!


Zaal open: 23:00
Aanvang: 23:00
Einde: 04:00

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