vr 10 mrt
Them Caged Dogs + Three Troubadours and a Lizard
  • jazz
  • avant-garde
  • electronic
  • rock

Them Caged Dogs
Conceived in Berlin & Arnhem as an existential and political reaction to the controversial
pandemic times, art rock outfit Them Caged Dogs breaks into the scene with a rollercoaster of
tightly executed experimental repertoire combining punk, progressive- and jazz rock-takes, metal
nuances and psychedelic harmonics, ambient electronic interludes and symphonic epic
evolutions. The figure of Zacharias S. Falkenberg, founding member of Them Caged Dogs,
together with the sound of his guitar, naturally embody the story of liberation, a tale of embracing
suffering, transformation, and freedom of expression. Before Falkenberg launched TCD, he had
already gained scholastic musical experience with The Chronometer’s Orchestra – a chamber
ensemble that performed his "Neue Musik" and experimental jazz compositions. To give a rocking
response to his former musical avenues, he formed TCD, a liberal, modern, uncompromising,
critical of society art rock group, that avoids clichΓ©s while playing them out in a fresh and modern
way. Outcast music for misfits, that appreciate sonic adventures full of sudden genre turns. Music,
that explicitly stands against misanthropy, populist politics, and xenophobia, in order to back and
stimulate diversity.

Three Troubadours and a Lizard
With a focus on conceptual rhythm and organic improvisation, the trio finds its place between
minimal, jazz/rock and electronic music. Rhythmical ideas, mixed with a collective sympathy for
musical imperfections, gives the musicians their personal expression and allows them an organic
interplay that invites you to immerse yourself and at the same time it creates room for the


Zaal open: 20:00
Aanvang: 20:30
Einde: 23:30

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