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Smyrna Fest met: Disharmonic Orchestra (AU) + Rapture (GR) + Dead Will Walk + From the Crypt + Written in Blood
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Disharmonic Orchestra
Disharmonic Orchestra are an Avant garde/ experimental death metal/ Grindcore act formed in Klagenfurt, Austria in 1987. The band was formed by guitarist/ vocalist Patrick Klopf, drummer Martin Messner, bassist Herwig Zamernik and guitarist Herald Bezdek. The latter would leave DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA in 1988, leaving the band a three-piece. After recording three demo tapes in 1988 ( "Requiem for the Forest", "The Unequalled Visual" and "Hypophysis Rehearsal") the band was discovered by record label Nuclear Blast who signed them. The first release on Nuclear Blast wat the 1989 split EP with Austrian label mates PUNGENT STENCH. DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA released a second EP in 1989 called "Successive Substitution" and the band were also featured on the Witchhunt Records compilation album releases "Disappeared With Hermaphrodite Choirs" and "Disharmonisation" before releasing their debut full-length studio album through Nuclear Blast records called "Expositionsprophylaxe" (1990).

The band had up until this point been a grindcore act but that would change with the release of their second full-length studio album "Not to be Undimensional Conscious" (1992) which brought progressive/ avant garde and experimental elements into the bandΒ΄s death metal sound. The band left Nuclear Blast and their third full-length studio album "Pleasuredome" (1994) was released through Steamhammer. DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA broke up after the "Pleasuredome" album, but reunited around 2001 and released their fourth full-length studio album "Ahead" in 2002 once again on the Nuclear Blast label. Both "Pleasuredome" and "Ahead" have left the really extreme metal elements from the earlier releases behind but maintained an avant garde metal sound. Bassist and founding member Herwig Zamernik left DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA in 2008 and was replaced by Hoimar Wotawa. Allthough there has been no new releases from the band since the 2002 "Ahead" album, the band is still active and play select shows around europe.

**Written in Blood **
After an absence of more than a decade, ex-God Dethroned bass-player Bert β€œBeef” Hoving returns to the death metal scene with his new band Written In Blood. The debut is an album with heavy melodeath. The band also consists of guitarist Marcel Heutink (More Aeterna), guitarist Jeffrey Zwart (Procreation) and drummer Jos Eggens (ex-Mandator).

From the Crypt
FROM THE CRYPT is a brutal death metal band from the southern region of the Netherlands. The band was formed in 2022 with members bonded by their shared love of old school death metal. The 5 members of FROM THE CRYPT combine old school death metal (Obituary/Bolt Thrower) with the more up and coming death metal such as Gatecreeper and Frozen Soul. Their music contains knuckle dragging slow riffs, face melting caveman drum parts end low gurgling vocals that are coming from beyond the grave. FROM THE CRYPT stands for uncompromising, straightforward brutal death metal. Make no mistake about it, you will get a headbang guaranteed live experience. FROM THE CRYPT released a 3 track demo in 2023 and will release new monstrous music in the spring of 2024.

**Burial Remains **
Dutch brutal force BURIAL REMAINS spews forth old school death metal the Swedish way. Formed in 2017 to honor the legacy of ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, GRAVE and CARNAGE, the band quickly grew into an entity of its own, playing leading underground events like Pitfest, Schoonebeek Deathfest and Drachten Deathfest

In 2021, the band paid tribute to their fallen friend Sven by releasing the β€˜As Blood Rains From The Sky’-EP, that includes a cover version of the eponymous FLESHCRAWL-classic as well as a brand new song. While continuing to play selective shows, the band has commenced writing the third album and prepares for the next chapter of chaos!

Dead Will Walk
The band has released two singles and an album and are currently signed to Russian music label Coyote Records. Their full-length debut album β€œEthereal Realm” is released in 10 April 2021 by Coyote Records.
Dead Will Walk is digging up old school death metal since 2009. After their release β€˜Unleash the dead’ from 2017 they went silence for a few years but now they are back with two releases at once! On Cavernous records β€˜As the bowel withers’, an overview of all their works, was released at the same time the new EP β€˜A new day of dawning’ came on Dawnbreed records. β€œOur goal for this release was to write songs that underline our roots for the old school underground scene. Here we have tried to convey the same feeling as from the glory days of death metal. Thoughtful songs that remain listenable and always have a small twitch. in which we don't take ourselves too seriously, but instead record a record that wouldn't look out of place in a record collection from the 80s.”

Rapture is a Deathrash venture from Athens Greece, formed in 2013 and currently flying under the banner of the label FDA Records. In 2015 the band recorded it’s first album entitled β€œCrimes Against Humanity”, released by Witches Brew on CD the same year. The album was supported with extensive live shows in Greece but also opening slots for Vektor and Sodom, establishing the band as one of the most powerful live young bands of the Greek scene.

Despite the known post covid show frenzy, Rapture managed to perform more live shows, from the end of 2021 and 2022, among them being shows with Death Courier, an exclusive performance in Portugal at Extreme Metal Attack festival, a short German tour with label mates Dehuman Reign and finishing 2022, with a direct support to Nile’s packed Athenian show - as requested guests from Nile. The band also premiered their latest video for the song Inanimate Frigidity while continuing to support their latest album with many interviews and podcasts. FDA records is currently working on the repress of their album Malevolent Demise Incarnation while the band is working on new material and has already lined up more shows for 2023, which they will be announcing soon.


Zaal open: 14:00
Aanvang: 14:30
Einde: 23:00

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