Lou Patty + Of Stone and Fire + Relffoxes + Graansilo

Stoner, Rock

Barathrum (FI) + Countess + Blackdeath (RU) + Special guest

cvlt black

INNERWISH + Cirrha Niva (NL) en The Memory Remains (NL)

melodic/progressive/80s/90s metal

White Boy Wasted + Seventhirty + support

Vieze Rock&roll

Het Gelders Orkest in Willemeen

Het Gelders Contrabas Ensemble

Primordial (IE) + Marche Funèbre (BE) + Turia EXCLUSIVE NL SHOW!

Black metal

Sienna Skies (AUS) + High Hopes (UK) + Suasion (BE)

post hardcore, metalcore

Cafe open: 20:00 uur | Entree: € 5
Sienna Skies | Sydney, Australia | InVogue Records
"Sienna Skies are a 5-piece Experimental/ Post Hardcore band from Sydney, Australia. The band had built a dedicated fanbase through constantly touring their intense and high energy show across the world with bands such as: Silverstein, Thy Art Is Murder, The Amity Affliction, Story Of The Year, Like Moths To Flames and many others. The band takes hard hitting breakdowns and combines them with sing along chorus'. With a new album due out late 2016, Sienna Skies are determined to share their powerful positive message to the world through both their live show and the music they have poured their heart and soul into for years."
High Hopes | Reading, United Kingdom | Victory Records

Suasion | Brussels, Belgium 


Dollhouse Queerparty

Conan (UK) + Downfall Of Gaia (DE/US) + Hark (UK) + High Fighter (DE)

doom, stoner, matinee show

Flotsam And Jetsam (USA) + Izegrim + Siberian Meat Grinder (RU) + Dew Scented (DE/NL) + X-Tinxion


Marcela Bovio - Solo Show + February Moon

Akoestische muziek

Götterdämmerung + Xtort

gothic, postpunk, new wave

Vetrar Draugurinn + Scarlet Stories + Veil of Delusions

Melodic Metal

Merrimack (FR) + Wrang


Benighted (FR) + Wormed (SP) + Unfathomable Ruination (UK) + Dictated + Omophagia (Ch) + Support

brutal death metal / technical death metal

Alaric (USA neurot) + Pinkish Black (USA relapse)

epic psychedelic dark moody repressive music

Nightstalker (GR) + Stone In Egypt + Black Burned Blimp

heavy rock n roll, stoner

Dub Nation #20 met BackAttack Soundsystem

UK dub roots & roots reggae

Rock 'n Roll Jonkies

Talent onder 19 jaar

FORMS & Tussen Haakjes present Kingsnight 2017

drum & bass

WillemsFest 2017: Sinister + Pelgrim + Ill Trusted + Desolate Fields + Tarantino + Hammered + Stark

Death Metal + Rock + Hardcore and More

The Real McKenzies + support

ska punk

Blik op Sjostakovitsj

Klassiek in Musis

Aura Noir (NO) + Occvlta (DE)

black thrash


Jazz/ Rock/ Improv

Bongripper (USA) + Integrity (USA/BE) + Primitive Man (USA) + Seven Sisters Of Sleep (USA) @Luxorlive

doom, sludge, holyterror