vr 16 dec
  • dark/ hard techno

**In the cold, dark winter, we present MENACE: Dark to hard techno till 05:00 brought to you by a banging lineup. **

Coming straight out of Germany's heart of techno, YMB exudes heavy, dark and sweaty industrial rave energy through his vast array of tracks. The weapons are inspired by DJs such as CLTX, BSLS, Neagles, Koszmar, Rebekah, and Γ–spiel. Always aimed at reading the dance floor and following a pattern and flow, he leads the listener into an abyss of energy and emotion.

L11S (pronounced β€œLiis”) is a German-born DJ with a strong focus on dark techno. Her sets take listeners on a musical journey, with acidic and melodic elements and a bass that makes your body vibrate. Her music taste is heavily guided by German and Dutch techno culture, with worldwide influences. Inspired by DJs like Alex Stein, ONYVAA, Enrico Sangiuliano and Ann Clue, L11S will make sure you move your body and get a sweat on!

Brazilian-born DJ/producer call_me_rapha sets the dance floor with dark energetic beats, sprinkling melodic accents and causing your body to move inevitably. Versatile and calm, Rapha adds a unique style of playfulness and, at the same time, seriousness to his sets, taking you on a hypnotic journey through his own world, and leaving the crowd craving more. β€œThere’s always something new to get inspired from, whether it’s music, culture, art… What matters is how you translate it onto your craft, in my case, is getting people to dance non-stop”

We hope to see many hungry ravers share a passion for sweaty techno together again! Put your darkest outfit on and see you on the dancefloor on December 16th!

Type tracks:
ONYVAA, Dusty Kid, Alignment, Noneoftheabove, midnight Vices, Matrakk, 6EJOU, Bollmann, I Hate models, JAESS, Nico Moreno, Trym

International collective
TechnΓΆ culture


Zaal open: 23:55
Aanvang: 23:55
Einde: 05:00

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