zo 07 jul
Hallways (DE) + Vain Louie + Speed Bump (DE) Hardcore Matinee Show
  • hardcore

**Hardcore matinee show in Willemeen! **

Melodic Hardcore
Is a five piece band from Bochum, Germany, united by a shared collective vision of an underground scene free from discrimination, inflated egos and toxic masculinity, to be part of a community build up on respect, freedom and release.
Our songs are laced with raw power and unrelenting energy, infusing each word and note with an authentic message of unity and resilience. We draw inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences and life experiences, our music transcends genres, creating an immersive and emotionally charged experience for listeners.

We strife to be more than just a band; we want to be a testament to the enduring power of music to inspire change and ignite the soul.

Vijf jeugdvrienden met een passie voor harde muziek: VAIN LOUIE. Met hun eerste full-length album β€˜Time Devours Everything’ op zak en deelname aan de Popronde zijn zij klaar om de Nederlandse podia wakker te schudden. De energie en pure passie van deze melodieuze hardcore-formatie slepen je mee in een intense liveshow waar je niet omheen kunt.

New hardcore band from just across the border!


Zaal open: 15:00
Aanvang: 15:30
Einde: 21:00

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