di 21 feb
Gravpel (CH) + Trespasser (SE)
  • Primitive Anarcho Black Metal Punk

2 of the most ripping European antifascist Black Metal bands will embark on their first ever European tour following the Gravpel release of their firebrand of an album"Power to the Filthy Masses", with the mighty Trespasser and their Makhno themed Black Metal Punk.

A blunt force of aggression, raw & uncompromising. Gravpel returns to the origins of the whole genre itself. In times where Black Metal becomes mainstream, atmospheric or even avant-garde, this "5 Piece-Demolition-Commando"

Its un-orthodox, non-magickal, un-true and un-cult. This is political music and these are anarchist anthems. Brutal and relentless anarchist blast-beat mayhem.


Zaal open: 19:30
Aanvang: 20:00
Einde: 23:30

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