Dollhouse Queerparty

Conan (UK) + Downfall Of Gaia (DE/US) + Hark (UK) + High Fighter (DE)

doom, stoner, matinee show

Flotsam And Jetsam (USA) + Izegrim + Siberian Meat Grinder (RU) + Dew Scented (DE/NL) + X-Tinxion


Masta Ace (USA) Exclusive NL show

hip hop

Jazz at Willemeen presents Bazga


Marcela Bovio + February Moon + Sleeping Romance (ITA)

Akoestische muziek

Götterdämmerung + Xtort

gothic, postpunk, new wave

Vetrar Draugurinn + Scarlet Stories + Veil of Delusions

Melodic Metal

Merrimack (FR) + Wrang


Benighted (FR) + Wormed (SP) + Unfathomable Ruination (UK) + Dictated + Omophagia (Ch) + Support

brutal death metal / technical death metal

Alaric (USA neurot) + Pinkish Black (USA relapse)

epic psychedelic dark moody repressive music

Nightstalker (GR) + Stone In Egypt + Black Burned Blimp

heavy rock n roll, stoner

Panzerfaust(CAN) + Abrupt Demise + Eternal Mortification

Black Metal

PUNKATHON met: Oude Jeugd + Landmine Heart + New Best Friend + Neuroot + Beerbottle Chopsticks + Harries'89


All of meet

Bijeenkomst jongeren met handicap/ chronische ziekte

Dub Nation #20 met BackAttack Soundsystem

UK dub roots & roots reggae

Rock 'n Roll Jonkies

Talent onder 19 jaar

FORMS & Tussen Haakjes present Kingsnight 2017

drum & bass

WillemsFest 2017: Sinister + Pelgrim + Ill Trusted + Desolate Fields + Tarantino + Hammered + Stark

Death Metal + Rock + Hardcore and More

Willemeen bivak

Buiten slapen

Rijn IJssel Muziek Performance Night


Gonjasufi + Skrapez

experimental avant garde hip hop

The Real McKenzies + support

folk punk

Male Fronted metal night met: Dream repulse + Ericius + The Unslain


OUTBURST FESTIVAL met: The Vibrators (UK) + V8 Wankers + Grolschbusters + Wonk Unit (UK) + Oude Jeugd

punk rock

Blik op Sjostakovitsj

Klassiek in Musis

NOT YOUR MONKEY NOT YOUR ROBOT Presents Monsters Of Mash Up Tour w/ Bong-ra + End.user + DJ Shitmat + Barthard + Kingpin

breakcore, bizarro audio mash up

Aura Noir (NO) + Occvlta (DE)

black thrash


Jazz/ Rock/ Improv

Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino

avant-garde, rock-noir

Cafe open: 20:00 uur | Entree: € 5

Georgio ‘the Dove’ Valentino finds inspiration in the most uncommon places and stories, giving ways to a singular imaginary. The lengthy ‘Mille Plateaux’, released in 2014, was a fine confirmation that Valentino doesn’t really fit in a distinct genre nor that he cares about mainstream cultural rules. His latest 7" release, ‘Satyros Ironykos’ makes another stand-alone gem in his catalogue.

The single is a remarkable collaboration with David McClymont (of the Scottish post-punk band Orange Juice) that started as an online long-distance songwriting experiment. As a result, two short but dense songs were ultimately performed and produced in a Melbourne, Australia under the mastership of the well-known producer and musician Mick Harvey. Satyros Ironykos (Side A) has an intense melody and dark-flavored lyricism, conveying a bizarrely comfortable vulnerability of a timeless memory. Washed-Out World (Side B) belongs to a different melodic register and it’s filled with nostalgic traces of emotions and desire.

In addition to a great songwriting, ‘Satyros Ironykos’ benefits from a solid performing partnership with Patrizia F. on bass guitar, Dave Graney on 12-string guitar, David McClymont on synthesizer and bass, Clare Moore Drums on vibraphone and Mick Harvey on piano and organ, plus special contributions from Blaine L. Reininger on violin, and viola and Barclau on lap steel guitar. All in all, ‘Satyros Ironykos’ makes the sonic equivalent of black velvet: you may take it to joyful festivities but it goes well with dark celebrations.

Bongripper (USA) + Integrity (USA/BE) + Primitive Man (USA) + Seven Sisters Of Sleep (USA) @Luxorlive

doom, sludge, holyterror

Rotting Christ + support

black metal

Full Of Hell (USA) + Support EXCLUSIVE NL SHOW

hardcore, grind, noise, avant garde

Rijn IJssel Muziek Performance Night XL


Sanctuary (USA) + support EXCLUSIVE NL SHOW!!


Archgoat (FIN) + Bölzer (CH) + Svartidauši (ISL) + Eggs of Gomorrh (CH) Exclusive NL show

black, death