do 15 jun
Gaerea (PT β€œThe undying mirage tour”) + Perchta (AT) Exclusive NL shows
  • Black metal
  • pagan

Both bands play exclusive NL shows this is going to be a unique night, don't miss this and make sure to get your tickets now!

Behind black shrouds of obscurity and desolation, the men of GAEREA deliver their odes in cascading maelstroms of aggression and beauty. Emerging from the age of pandemic to whatever awaits humanity next, the Portuguese horde remains on the frontlines of the next generation of extreme metal. With an EP and two albums to their name, GAEREA has rapidly distinguished themselves from the thousands of bands toiling away in the underground. Brewing their cauldron of sound from a recipe of pounding black-metal blast mixed with a touch of harrowed, reflective longing, many devotees of the darkened arts have flocked to their banner. With the emergence of third full-length album Mirage, those numbers are sure to grow.

Perchta is an Austrian music project founded 2017 in Tirol. Ritualistic sounds with influences from black- and pagan metal are the foundation for atmospherically embedded lyrics presented in dialect, that deal with topics of alpine nature, culture and myths. Rites of times long passed and impressions of craggy mountains are brought to life by folk instruments.

Origins: Lady Perchta or Lady Percht is a mythic being that can be found in continental Germanic and Slavic mythology. It is assumed that she emerged out of the Germanic goddess Frigg through assimilation of Celtic influences. In middle Germany she corresponds most closely to β€žFrau Holleβ€œ. The name can be derived from the old German word perhat, which translates to bright or shiny and therefore means β€žthe radiantβ€œ. Others suggest, that the name Perchta or Percht is of Celtic origin.


Zaal open: 20:00
Aanvang: 20:30
Einde: 23:30

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