vr 03 nov
Gabber Resistance: Return To The Madhouse
  • Gabber

Gabber Resistance strikes again with their V edition and second in Holland. Are you ready for another crazy event?

They will again try to take you as close as possible to the original gabber scene. No new style, pure oldschool hardcore from start to finish. Hakkeh all night long!

And what a better way to do this than purely vinyl? Like back in the days, DJs at this event will only be spinning records! We have again teamed up with some of the best defenders of oldschool hardcore on vinyl in Holland. Oldschool gabber will survive! We are proud to also have a Thunderdome legend like DJ Uzi in our line up.

Recording or taking pictures will NOT be allowed. Security will be aware. Stop recording, start dancing! We kindly ask everyone to obey this rule in order to contribute to the unique '90s vibe. The event will be from 23:55-06:00. See you there gabbers!

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