wo 07 aug
Erik Nervous (USA) + Citric Dummies (USA) + Shark City @ Cafe Kroon
  • punkrock
  • indie

Willemeen en Cafe Kroon ism Skrale Snuiter concerts presenteren in cafe Kroon ERIK NERVOUS (USA) & CITRIC DUMMIES (USA) EUROTOUR 2024

Erik Nervous
Erik Nervous (aka Erik Hart to his folks) has produced at least an E.P. a year since 2015, releasing his music on a long list of American indies, such as Warm Ratio, Total Punk, Neck Chop, Lumpy, and Digital Regress. There was a short break during the pandemic, but even then, Erik hooked up with two friends, as the Beta Blockers. Erik also happens to be one of the top punk recording engineers in the Midwest and has been playing synth in The Spits since 2021.

As a kid, at the turn of the millennium, Erik was immersed in 1970s and 80s pop culture - sugary cartoon fair, from Scooby-Do to Yogi Bear, musically from Prince to Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta’s turn in Grease. It was an obsession with the Harmonix Guitar Hero II video game that got Erik into making his own music. He learnt how to play drums via their subsequent Rock Band series. After buying a cheap acoustic guitar from Target, while in 5th or 6th grade, he received an electric one for Christmas a few years later. He insists that he still uses this instrument for 90% of his recording.

Starting out teaching himself how to multi-track, etc. with an iPad and Garageband, Erik then went retro and bought a Tascam 4-track recorder. His output to date takes inspiration from an eclectic range of sources, from the classic UK post-punk of Swell Maps, Wire, The Fall, and Gang Of Four, and their US counterparts, Devo, Talking Heads, plus R Stevie Moore, to the groovy kosmische of Can, and Steve Reich’s classical minimalism… plus some Moondog.

'Immaturity' marks the return of Erik Nervous as a solo artist. The thirty-nine minute long playing rock album will be co-released by FatCat (UK) and Feel It (US) on November 3rd, 2023. Most of Immaturity was written, as it was recorded, in the basement of Erik’s rural North Eastern Indiana home - the same house he’s lived in all his life. The title of the record reflects Erik’s refusal to grow up. β€œI don’t think I’m particularly mature for my age,” he says. β€œI still live at home with my family, I eat fast food and drink soda, I don’t really have an actual job. Very George Costanza.”

Citric Dummies
Bursting out of a burning trash heap like some mutated, blitzed skeleton in a leatherjacket, Citric Dummies thrash their listeners with a heavy dose of pulverizing punk madness on their latest LP Zen and The Arcade of Beating Your Ass. The Minneapolis based trio have previously released a handful of endlessly infectious records on US and Euro labels like Erste Theke TontrÀger, Fashionable Idiots, and Another Label - luring in unsuspecting punks with their aberrant, tuneful noise. Citric Dummies rip turbocharged, catchy songs riddled with big hooks that are inhaled like paint fumes by fans of niche KBD gems and classics like The Ramones and The Misfits. The band has signed with Feel It Records to release their most dialed and corrosive record to date- a pièce de résistance for LSD enthusiasts and jabronis alike.

Produced by Erik Nervous (known for his own project as well as production work with The Spits and Liquids), Zen and The Arcade of Beating Your Ass Is a masterclass in unpretentious and unrelenting party punk. The songs conjure chaotic and hilarious glimpses into the everyday life of a hesher self-deprecating, taking copious amounts of illicit substances, and kicking the teeth out of the phonies that step in their way. The arrangements, riffs and lyrics are meticulous yet effortless, like they've practiced so much the music flows through them, spike in vein. -Sims Hardin

β€œKiller LP from Minneapolis punks CITRIC DUMMIES, who sound like an amphetamine-fueled MISFITS. - Eric Anderson, Maximum Rocknroll

Shark City
Knal een indie punktrio en een 70's powerpop-band samen in een oefenhok. Laat ze ff'tjes gaarkoken, schaaf er daarna alle tierelantijntjes af, ontsla ten slotte alle overbodige bandleden en voilΓ ... Shark City!!! Helemaal vers uit Arnhem!

Tweederde van deze band heeft de afgelopen 10 jaar liggen ruften in Washed Up Kids, de andere helft heeft zijn strepen verdiend in The Sausage Party. Verwacht feel good, catchy summertime bangers!!! Dansen verplicht, cocktails optioneel...

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