za 11 mei
Disharmonic Orchestra (AT) + Grindpad + Inhuman Depravity (TR) + Stoflik Omskot
  • death metal
  • avant garde experimental death metal

** Disharmonic Orchestra**
Austrian Grindcore -Death Metal legendary band Disharmonic Orchestra is one of those bands that leave you speechless after listening to just one song. Right from the get-go you simply hear the difference – it’s death metal, but not played in the way you would expect it to sound. After a long break of having performed in The Netherlands Disharmonic Orchestra will be in Holland on May 11with surreal lyrics that focus their music on themes such as love, dreams and philosophy .

**Grindpad **
Thrash band from Utrecht .Band play since around 2013 and the death metal of the early years has turned into crossover thrash metal.OK OK , an excellent combination of hardcore and thrash! But surely we can say Grindpad keeps on doing what it does best: play METAL. Not caring about the trends that come and, mainly, go. Come and Thrash 'em with them!

**Inhuman Depravity **
Turkish brutal death metallers Inhuman Depravity will take you to the mosh with their aggressive drums, deadly guitar riffs and female brutal vocals. Already received many great reviews from metal press all over the world and appeared at festivals in Europe, they are coming to Willemeen on May 11 to show up with all their aggression and energy!

Stoflik Omskot
Stoflik Omskot music a mix of punk, thrash and death metal and to a lesser extent hardcore in Fries Language . The death metal element with them is mainly in their extreme vocals and their guitar riffs. Stoflik Omskot has been around since the end of 2020. Their songs are about sex with decomposing corpses and a little bit different style of love songs.

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za 27 apr
Willemsfest 2024 met: Savage Grace (USA) + Confess (IR) + Mindwar (BE) + Oltas + Bloodsucker + Mouflon + Megalomaniacs + Obnoxious + Schmisfits + more
metal, punk, hardcore
do 09 mei
Crypta (BR) + Nakkeknaekker (DK) + Plaguemace (DK)
Death Metal
za 21 sep
Schirenc plays Pungent Stench (AT) + Bodyfarm + Haliphron + Dead Man’s Walk
death metal, symphonic death metal