za 29 jun
Délétère CAN) + Ossuaire (CAN) + Bezwering
  • black metal

**Délétère **
Délétère is a band that has never disappointed so far. As a typical representative of the black metal scene from Quebec, they do not celebrate a unique musical approach, but they know for what sound they stand and they are a reliable partner for their supporters. A cold, sulphurous atmosphere is created and strict guitar lines characterize this Aggressive and hateful leads, but solemn back vocals form an expressive contrast and so the listener can enjoy the work right from the get-go.
Tempo shifts are rare, the focus is on a coherent flow and a nearly opaque density. Complexity is of minor relevance, but a high average velocity seems to be important. Occasionally the drums have an almost robotic touch during the high speed outbursts.

**Ossuaire **
Ossuaire from Canada play a gloomy and raw, yet ice cold Black Metal. Their latest ep with the title TRIUMVIRAT is in no way inferior to its full-length predecessors, so listen to it to experience the atmosphere unique to 'metal noir Quebecois' and the haunting riffs that will await us. Founded in MontrΓ©al/QuΓ©bec in 2016, Ossuaire will deliver melodic, raw and powerful Black Metal in the genre's pure tradition. With impetuous vocals, this band heralds a prophetic, anticlerical universe centered around a reversal of religious icons and the power garnered by christianity.

BEZWERING from Gelderland, the Netherlands, is an entity risen from the tomb containing the remains of Wederganger. Continuing in the vein of its illustrious predecessor, BEZWERING forges Undeath Metal marked by rabid aggression and utter despair since 2018. Following the 2019 demo heralding the first album with two of its songs, the 2020 full-length β€œAan de wormen overgeleverd” (β€œHanded over to the worms”) catapults nine undead cadavers into the world of the living.

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