za 16 dec
Asagraum (Album release show) + Helleruin + Ornaris
  • satanic black metal

**D19 & W1 present: **

From shadows of black magic metal Edged Circle Productions is proud to present the new album from the satanic witches Asagraum. This new offering has been manifested into the realm of flesh under his will by the title "Veil of Death, Ruptured" and features brand new material which has been highly anticipated by the fans for years after the previous album "Dawn of Infinite Fire".
Asagraum are bigger than ever, but not in the sense measured by the common critics or by that of fame, but by the being of MORE. Everything has been elevated to a higher state of being and the outcome is as deadly as it is intoxicating.
Once again, like it's previous offering, the new album has been projected from it's vision by Obscura and A. Morthaemer, but there are several assisting elements at play within the folds of "Veil of Death, Ruptured": This record is out now!! HAIL SATAN!

Helleruin started as black metal solo project based in the Netherlands and after various small releases, the debut Full Length album β€˜War Upon Man’ was released in 2021 by New Era Productions and got quite some attention. It was then that founder and multi-instrumentalist Carchost decided to bring his project to light as a live band.
For this, a solid live formation was gathered and the first live show was played in march 2022. HELLERUIN has been spreading darkness across more than 20 stages in Europe and has toured with genre pioneers Taake and Kampfar since then. This all turned out to be a great success as HELLERUIN’s music is perfectly suitable for live situations. HELLERUIN signed with professional booking agency District 19 and is now more than ready to conquer the world. The highly anticipated second album has been in the works as well and will see a released last spring.

Ornaris was formed during the pandamic, late 2020. Drawing inspiration from the raw force of nature.


Zaal open: 19:00
Aanvang: 19:30
Einde: 23:00

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