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Altars (AU) + Fossilization (BR) + Defacement
  • gruizige dissonante death metal

Both Altars (AU) + Fossilization (BR) are signed to Everlasting Spew Records from Italy and both have been seeing a surge in interest and hype lately. Altars who plays technical and dissonant death metal, released their sophomore album last year and Fossilization who plays death doom with members of Jupiterian and will be releasing their debut album in time for the tour.

**ALTARS **Everlasting Spew Records
The group bends Death Metal to its will in new transcendental forms.
FFO: Ulcerate, Immolation, Dead Congregation

FOSSILIZATIONEverlasting Spew Records
From the primordial magma before the beginning of time come FOSSILIZATION. Obscure, vile and crushing Death Metal.
Fossilization is a death metal band formed in 2020. Featuring members of the sludge/death/doom metal band Jupiterian.
FFO: Incantation, Dead Congregation, Krypts,

DEFACEMENT I voidhanger Records
Started as the side project of an underground black metal band called Deathcrush, DEFACEMENT have became one of the most promising acts in the realm of dissonant death/black metal, and certainly one that doesn't fear to experiment.
FFO: Abbysal, Confulsion

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Krisiun (BR) + Baest (DK) + Defacing God (DK) + Triagone (BE)
death metal