Greyscale (USA) + Heart Of Gold (UK) + SHADED (UK) *Exclusieve NL show*

alternative pop rock

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Five best friends from a blue-collar American city got together and started a band. They took intimate urban stories of broken hearts, bad drugs, blissful sex, and busted dreams and turned them into one alternative rock cult favorite after another. Then, they crossed into the next dimension with a bold depiction of the big sound they’d always hinted at uplifted on a high of gospel harmonies, horn solos, and the kind of lyrics you get tattooed in places you want people to see (and places you don’t want people to see). This is the story of Grayscale so far and how they got to their third full-length album, Umbra [Fearless Records]. After racking up 50 million streams and receiving praise from Forbes, Billboard, and more, the proud Philadelphia quintet—Collin Walsh [lead vocals], Andrew Kyne [guitar], Nick Ventimiglia [bass], Dallas Molster [guitar], and Nick Veno [drums]—open up themselves and their sound throughout these eleven tracks.


Heart of Gold

Peppering subtle philosophical nuggets, midnight ponderings, and fond memories alongside layers of dreamy synths and smooth saxophone, Heart of Gold’s Michael McGough is bringing a refreshing personal spin to pop music.

As many a listener can attest, it’s no secret that the genre in which the Manchester-based outfit resides has always embraced tales of love and heartbreak. Yet, while these themes are indeed tastefully sprinkled throughout McGough’s latest work, his debut record is less about finding “the one,” and more about finding oneself in the swirling ups and downs of life’s winding roads.

It may seem odd at first to call this a coming-of-age story for an artist who’s seen outpourings of success both on his own as well as with popular post-hardcore group, Being As An Ocean.



In 25th September, 2020:London alt-pop trio SHADED have unveiled their planto release a 20 plus track mixtape album, across the course of one year. The band Matt East, Callum Irons and Dan Bradberry have been steadily releasing singles throughout the year, k.i.a, for lifeand theanthemic backpackToday, these singles are collected alongside the fervently anticipated apparitionalready a stalwart fan favourite from the band’s live set and the haunting i’m fine, onthe first of 4planned EP collections. SHADEDhave revealed that thesetracks and forthcoming EP collections form part of a larger projectspanningthe next 12 months, with the end resultan extended album / mixtape,suitably entitled ‘A Year Of You. The band, who self-produce and recordthe majority of their output, arelooking to chronicle the process of grieving lost love in creative real time; the songs documenting the emotional rollercoasterof livingthrough and overcoming the painsofheartache, self-doubt and self-loathing, with each staggered EP collection working as ade-facto chapterin this undoubtably universal human process.



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Greyscale (USA) + Heart Of Gold (UK) + SHADED (UK)  *Exclusieve NL show*