Tormentor (HU) + Cult Of Fire (CZ)

black metal

Zaal open: 19:30 uur | Entree: € 25.00 | Voorverkoop: € 23.00 | Tickets kopen

This show has been moved from the 17th of october 2020 all ticket bought and not returned remain valid. Malokarpatan will not play but the legendary band Tormentor will, which makes this show a double headliner!

The origional tickets bought will be considered as early birds the remaining tickets will be sold for a higher price as the line-up changed significantly. See this massive line-up in a small intimate setting! new tickets on sale now!



Tormentor is a black metal band formed in 1986 in Budapest, Hungary. They recorded their first album, Anno Domini, in 1988, but were unable to release it until the end of communism. The album reached Norway through the tape-trading community. Following the suicide of Per Ohlin, Mayhem invited Attila Csihar from Tormentor to join the band; he was to perform the vocals on De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. Tormentor split up in 1991. After a long break they reformed and released the more experimental Recipe Ferrum through Avantgarde Music in 2001, going on a long indefinite hiatus afterwards.

In 2017, Tormentor reunited after several years to re-emerge on the stage for a highly publicized reunion show on April 21, 2018 in Budapest, followed by an appearance at the Brutal Assault in Josefov, Czech Republic and the Beyond the Gates festival in Bergen, Norway, with later performances at festivals in France and Canada to cap off the year.

The band reunited in the classic lineup from 1988 with Csihar on vocals, Tamás Buday and Attila Szigeti sharing guitar duties, György Farkas handling bass guitar and Machat St. Zsoltar on drums. The band's own recording imprint, Saturnus Productions has also reissued both the cult classic debut album Anno Domini and The Seventh Day of Doom demo on CD and vinyl. 


Cult Of Fire

After exclusive fly-in performances in over 30 countries around the world, CULT OF FIRE will do a first European tour in the history of the band in April 2020! This live appearance format was chosen to bring out the full potential of live CULT OF FIRE experience. The band will tour with the upcoming new album „Moksha / Nirvana“ being freshly released, there will be new live setlist accompanied by new stage decorations, attire and the whole visual concept reworked to fit the concept of the new album. Many elements of the new visual theme are designed especially for the tour and some of these features would be impossible to transport by plane.


Cult Of Fire

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Tormentor  (HU) + Cult Of Fire (CZ)