cancelled Satanic Supremacy part 2 - Total War edition

black metal

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Helaas zal dit jaar de Total war editie niet plaatsvinden.
Dankzij de langslepende Covid crisis is het voor een aantal bands niet haalbaar om dit jaar live te komen spelen.
Reeds gekochte tickets worden vergoed. Hierover wordt vanuit Willemeen iedereen benadert hoe je je geld terug kan krijgen..


Even better this will be their first live appearance outside Scandinavia! For the fans of Infernal War, Marduk, Kerasphorus & Bestial Warlust etc.this is a must see!!! I am talking about FRONT! Hell´s militia formed in 2015 hailing from Finland. Band consists of veterans of Evil Angel / Neutron Hammer & Sacrilegious Impalement. Prepare yourself for some Punishing and relentless Black/Death Metal chaos with Motörheadish edge! This is Black Metal: FRONT!

SAMMATH (Netherlands/ Germany)

Utter blackmetal terror in musical form!! Started in 1994 by J.Kruitwagen they released their first demo "visions upon winterlands" in 1995. In 1999 they released their debut album "strijd". In 2019, after four albums and a live tape, they released their latest album " Across the rhine there is only death". Inspired by worldwar 2 this album contains a furious style of blackmetal the way J.Kruitwagen always intended to make.Expect nothing less then UTTER BLACKMETAL TERROR!!!

TOTAL HATE (Germany)

This German anti human blackmetal band was formed in 2000 by Adrastos. They did their first ever live show in 2005 at Under the black sun festival. They just released their 4th full length in august this year called " Throne behind a black veil"
Expect some real hatred and misanthropic blackmetal live on stage! You've all been warned!!!


This band doesn't play live but are making an exception for this years Satanic Supremacy event!! From Above is a Soviet & War-themed Black Metal band from Nantes, France. Inspired by cult Black Metal acts talking about cold and panzers, with massive Death Metal parts betraying the origins of the members, their debut album « Beyond Ruthless Cold » is a discharge of spontaneous hatred, with overpowered blasts, and ferocious compositions.



Gestalte was created mid 2009, by Plaag( Zwarte plaag, Winternacht). And by Dagon (Necrofeast, Hekel, Zwartplaag, Blackart, Hailstorm/Winterdood, Draugur)  The lyrics of Gestalte deals with, Occultism, Theist-religious satanism, Luciferian/Chaos-gnostic spirituality and philosophy , anger rage, Individualism, dwelling, isolation, misanthropy.... and so on... DESTROY YOUR FALSE HUMAN EGO!





cancelled Satanic Supremacy part 2 - Total War edition