Mofasa Village festival

Afro juju/fuji/highlife, roots reggae, afrolatino, funk and blues

Zaal open: 21:00 uur | Entree: € 10.00 | Tickets kopen
‘A night in Mofasa Village’, which is a night of togetherness, happiness, oneness, and exchange of culture, bound by the strings of morals. Mofasa Village is a Mofasa Productions concept that celebrates culture and set to promote cultural, social and economic integration amongst countries through the performance of live/life music. With Mofasa Village, we take people above the realm of 'fun' into an atmosphere of happiness. Like the past concerts of Mofasa Village (such as "Afroniceness" , Reggae & Highlife night, and "A night in Nigeria") people get a vibe and an atmosphere that is truly authentic through the performance of live cultural music.
These cultural performances such as West African Highlife bring innovating rhythms to the music scene in Europe. However music that is rooted in its culture is not just rhythmical : the soul of the music is gotten from the lyrical content. This is to say that people dance to the true understanding of what the music represents. Morals, values and culture is our armoury against that which has misled us from ‘living’ into ‘existing. Mofasa village intends to promote this understanding through an authentic representation of each and every culture.
A night in Mofasa Village taking place the 7th of September in Willemeen will present the following artists: Jahcub Abraham (Nigeria, Roots reggae), Gloria Ibru (Nigeria, Highlife); Ida Ambrose (Gambia, reggae), Makola Mambo (Nigeria, highlife, afrojuju and fuji); Pedro Sanchez (Brasil, Cumbia, Bossa Nova and forro); Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen (Denmark, Blues and country); Jah Turban (Gambia, Reggae); Keith Hamilton (Jamaica, Reggae)

Jahcub Abraham (Nigeria, Roots reggae)
Jahcub Abraham, CEO Mofasa Productions (based in Copenhagen) has over the years traveled through different parts of the world to build a network for music, musicians and the world in general. At present he has been to Spain, England, India and Zimbabwe where he has established a base for Mofasa Productions and he is currently planning a trip to South Korea and Thailand to raise a team there also.
Gloria Ibru (Nigeria, Highlife)
Gloria Ibru, Daughter of the head of the Ibru Organization Michael Ibru, is a legend in Nigeria that has been pivotal in Nigerian Music scene. Singing in Nigeria for the past 30 years, with her projects such as 'Gloria Ibru & Friends', she keeps alive live music in Nigeria by offering a platform for upcoming artists.
Jah Turban (Gambia, Reggae) 
Jah Turban´s aim and aspiration is to spread the positive message of his music worldwide. and received his musical calling at an early age. He was inspired by many roots reggae artists which led him at the age of 10 to start singing on sound systems, in his area of Spanish Town. At age 16 he received the Rastafari calling which he embraced, following the culture of Nyah Bingi gatherings, drumming, and cultural music. Since his arrival in Denmark, he has conquered Scandinavia. At the end of 2012, he started a "Back to Africa" movement of the Gambia and Ghana to get inspirations from the motherland.
Ida Ambrose (Gambia, reggae)
Ida Ambrose is a Gambian Singer and Songwriter in the Scandinavian reggae scene with her music spreads to reggae, dancehall, afro and roots. Ida won first prize in the I Am Music in Sweden 2014 and won Celebrate Africa’s next upcoming artist in Denmark. Her music promotes open honesty and realness in a world that can sometimes feel fake.
Makola Mambo (Nigeria, highlife, afrojuju and fuji)
Makola Mambo is a Musician and Performer of contemporary African entertainment music From Nigeria W/Africa that makes Nigerian music and culture relevant in Europe through his performance. Makola Mambo plays the traditional highlife Owambe, fuji and juju sound that is inherent to West Africa.
Pedro Sanchez (Brasil, Cumbia, Bossa Nova and forro)
Pedro Sanchez, music and composer born in Recife, Brazil, has brought over the winds and waters of Ipenema to Europe with his Bossa Nova and Samba. A virtuoso highly skilled guitarist, Pedro Sanchez takes you straight to Latin America with his compositions and music.
Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen (Denmark, Blues and country)
Mads Bolding Fenger pulses, 26 year old living in Copenhagen is Denmarks most promising guitarist with his unique and intriguing sound. Mads types emotions onto the air and makes them known in a language that is universally understood, universally ambiguous, universally flawed, but unmistakably vital real. Whether the genre is reggae or rock, blues or bluegrass, country or classical, folk or funk - or just plain old jubilant jazz, Mads plays, so that someone out there can feel touched by the sound reverberating through the air.
FADDA mission (Jamaica, Reggae) DJ of the night
Fadda Mission is a Jamaican legend that has conquered the Scandinavian reggae and dancehall scene. In Fadda Missions basement we play Dancehall, Reggae, Soca and all kinds of music.


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