Vanhelga (SE) + Kâhld (DE) + Waldschrat (AT)

melancholic black metal

Cafe open: 19:30 uur | Entree: € 10,00 | Voorverkoop: € 8,00 | Tickets kopen



Vanhelga // Melancholic metal tunes from Sweden
Vanhelga was formed in the Swedish city of Linköping, by 145188 and J. (Lifelover) who got together with likeminded musicians. In order to finally breathe life into his vision, something he had not been able to do with any previous bands and musicians he had worked with. Since then they are known for their atmospheric and captivating live performances, sharing the stage with, among others, Psychonaut 4, Forgotten Tomb, Harakiri for the sky and Kall.

Kâhld // Black Metal from Germany
Kâhld formed by J.D. and L.H. as a two man studio project in 2010, in 2014 the EP “A Perishing Escape in 2014” with S.U. on drums was self-released. In the early 2016 Kâhld was signed to Talheim Records, and on March 24th 2017 they released their powerful debut album "No fertile ground for seeds". Which was produced by no other than Christoph Brandes, at Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Imperium Dekadenz, Maladie, Unlight).

Waldschrat // Black Metal From Austria 
Found on a cold winter night in 2009, Waldschrat released their first EP “Der alte Pfad”. Due to some now unrelated other projects, Sarolf decided to put the band to rest in 2010. In 2012, released from his chains, the voice of the forest once again sounded in all its might. With concerts all over Europe, Sarolf and the band earned 
themselves an excellent reputation.

Vanhelga (SE) + Kâhld (DE) + Waldschrat (AT)