Sanctuary (USA) + Lord Volture EXCLUSIVE NL SHOW!!


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Legendary band Sanctuary plays an exclusive Netherlands show in Willemeen Arnhem. Lees hier het bijzondere verhaal rondom de "nieuwe" plaat. 

Reunions can either be something one dreads or something filled with plenty of anticipation. For reactivated legendary Seattle metal band, Sanctuary, and their legions of fans, it’s been the later.
Sanctuary was formed in Seattle in 1985, they released two studio albums on Epic Records, Refuge Denied in 1987 and Into the Mirror Black in 1989. Worldwide touring with the likes of Megadeth, Warlock, Fates Warning and Death Angel, just to name a few, followed each album. Singer, Warrel Dane’s, sky high vocals combined with guitarist, Lenny Rutledge’s more mature take on classic thrash riffs separated Sanctuary from the throes of metal bands struggling to get noticed as at the time. Simply put, Sanctuary offered something fresh sounding in the muddled world of ‘80s thrash.
As any student of music history knows, by the time 1991 came to an end, the landscape of American heavy music looked completely different. Record labels, radio, MTV and just about everyone else involved in the industry abandoned the “M” word in favor of the “G” word. Sanctuary, was just hitting their stride and the plug was pulled. They found themselves without a record deal or much support anywhere so in 1992 they officially disbanded. Dane and Sanctuary bassist Jim Sheppard went on to form Nevermore with a newly recruited young guitar player from Wisconsin, Jeff Loomis, who was set to join Sanctuary right before its collapse.
Drummer David Budbill, guitarist Sean Blosi and Rutledge shied away from the music industry once Sanctuary dissolved awhile Nevermore released several acclaimed albums, headlined festivals all over the globe and are recognized as one of modern metal’s most influential bands, though towards its later years, inner turmoil found the band touring less, it’s members focusing on solo albums and eventually finding themselves on hiatus.
Sanctuary announced in 2010 that they would be reuniting and played metal festivals in both Europe and the US with the original line up.


‘The majesty of a lordship, the power and velocity of an electrical charge and the beastly ruggedness of a scavenging vulture’

LORD VOLTURE are a Dutch heavy metal outfit in the tradition of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Iced Earth, led by vocalist David Marcelis. After an explosive take-off in 2010 with the release of debut album ‘Beast Of Thunder’ (feat. Jeff Waters of Annihilator) the band rapidly rises to find themselves in the frontier of Dutch Heavy Metal. With their sophomore release ‘Never Cry Wolf’ (feat. Sean Peck of Cage) in 2011 the band set their definitive style while increasingly gaining recognition everywhere they’re heard. The album thunders through the global metal community and reviewers worldwide count the album among the best releases of 2011. This massive exposure opens doors to many festivals and support slots and, as a result, LORD VOLTURE have shared the stage with Y&T, Primal Fear, Firewind, Circle II Circle, Tim Ripper Owens, Blaze Bayley, Vicious Rumors, Tygers Of Pan Tang and numerous others, while touring through Europe. For all who bear a heart of steel, LORD VOLTURE is a definite must.

Sanctuary (USA) + Lord Volture  EXCLUSIVE NL SHOW!!Sanctuary (USA) + Lord Volture  EXCLUSIVE NL SHOW!!