Access Industrial 4th Edition


Cafe open: 22.00 uur | Entree: € 4.00

Dj's M4RC:




And LJ Dreampower:

Check out his facebook for some impressions of the Lasershow:

Welcome to another Edition of Access Industrial Party!
We will once again have 2 area's available at the café of youthcenter
Willemeen, Arnhem.
The café itself will be a lounge area with normal volume music so you are
able to talk to eachother.
The backstage of the café will be transformed into an underground
dark/danceroom to go completely nuts.

This is not only our fourth edition, but also the "official/unofficial
birthday party of Naomi Lindenberg. For the ones who come in early this
edition there might be a little something extra, more info will follow so
keep a good eye on our page.

See you all there.

Wilco Kluft and Naomi Lindenberg

Access Industrial 4th Edition